Vastu Tips For Commercial Complexes

Commercial complexes in the modern age are huge multi-storeyed buildings. The use of vastu principles is a little difficult as the builder wants to make use of every bit of space available. The complexes that have been built according to vastu have proven to be popular and successful. Here are a few vastu tips for commercial complexes.

  • The plot of land chosen for the complex should be rectangular or square shaped. The plan for the complex should leave space on all sides. The north and east should have more open space than the south and west.
  • If the plot of land is not even, then the slope of the land should be in the north-east direction and the land in the south-west should be raised.
  • The parking area and lawns, if any, should be in the north-east. Water storage facilities should be constructed in the north-west. All waste water and rain water should flow towards the north and east.
  • The main gate to the complex should be in the north or east direction. The main door to complex should be bigger than all the other doors.
  • The rooms in the complex should be planned in such a way that each room gets sunshine and fresh air. Storage rooms and staircases should be constructed in the south or west directions.
  • Tall trees or trees with thick foliage should be planted at a distance from the complex. No shade should fall on the building.
  • The size of the rooms should be built to vastu specifications as well. For this, a vastu expert will have to be consulted.

The tips given above are for the exterior structure. Now for the interiors.

  1. The offices inside the complex must be well lit and have a pleasing ambience. The company should have its products and information about its products in the reception area. The reception area should be in the north-eastern direction. The north-eastern corner of the room, in particular, should have fresh flowers and good lighting. Avoid putting chairs in that corner.
  2. The office of the General Manager or Chairman should be in the south or south-west direction. He/she should always have a rectangular desk and his/her back must face a solid wall. Middle management should have offices in the north and east directions. Conference rooms should always be in the north-west as this direction promotes the flow of ideas. The accounts department should be in the north.
  3. The middle of the office should always be kept free of clutter. Nothing should be placed under beams. The entrance to the office should not have any obstacle in front of it, for example, the receptionist's desk.
  4. The office pantry or kitchen should be in the north-west or south-east direction. The correct placement of files is also very important. For example, the accounts files should be placed in the south-east corner, while the income tax files should be placed in the south-west corner.