Sagittarius - Temperance, Knight Of Wands

The sun enters Sagittarius on November 21. This fire sign is ruled by the Planet Jupiter, which is associated with the Wheel of Fortune card of tarot. Sagittarius is the sign of a celestial archer, which is linked to tarot's Temperance card.

The Temperance in major arcana in upright position denotes moderation, patience, fusion, good influence, temperance, and confidence. In reverse, it denotes disunion, discord, conflict, frustration, hostility, and impatience.

The Knight of Wands in minor arcana in upright position denotes generosity, gentleman, father, good leader, noble, and passionate. In reverse, it denotes strict, prejudice, severe, quarrels, intolerance, and unyielding.

Temperance And Wheel Of Fortune Cards

The Temperance card denotes a winged angel with its one foot on the earth and the other in water. The angel is pouring some liquid from one chalice to another and mixing the contents in a balanced manner. The background shows a rising sun. The four elements - fire, air, earth, and water - can be seen in a harmonious blend in the card. Temperance refers to moderation, blend, and tempering the different elements to create a balanced unit, which is more harmonious than the total of its parts.

The Wheel of Fortune card depicts that luck can change. It tells us that fortune is actually a component of the universal cycle of highs and lows. The ruling planet of Sagittarius, Jupiter, is traditionally considered as the god of luck as well as good fortune - the greater benefic. Thus, tarot associates temperance (Sagittarius) with the wheel of fortune (Jupiter), to show that by "tempering" ourselves, we can face the ups and downs of the wheel of fortune in a better manner.

Tarot Questions For Sagittarius

Do your actions show a balance of will, intelligence, and emotions?
In which situations do you behave in extremes?
Are you grabbing the opportunities or lucky breaks in life?
Are you ready for good and bad times?
Are you facing situations that let you "temper" yourself to make you stronger?