Pisces - High Priestess, Hanged Man, Knight Of Cup

The sun enters Pisces on February 18. This last sign of zodiac is linked to the Moon card of tarot. The typical ruler of Pisces is Planet Jupiter, which is related to the tarot's Wheel of Fortune. Its modern ruler is Planet Neptune, which is linked to tarot's Hanged Man. Pisces is a water sign and the watery suit of cups depicts daily scenes of friendship, love, and human emotions.

The High Priestess in major arcana in upright position denotes knowledge, wisdom, intuition, virtue, purity, learning, impatience, and a teacher. In reverse, it means selfishness, ignorance, shallowness, and lack of understanding.

The Hanged Man in major arcana in upright position denotes sacrifice, suspension, abandonment, improvement, change, rebirth, readjustment, boredom, and reversal. In reverse, it denotes false prophecy, unwillingness to try, and futile sacrifice.

The Knight of Cups in minor arcana in upright position denotes the dreamer, the romantic, intelligence, and flow of emotional matter. In reverse, it denotes trickery, an untruthful person, fraud, idleness, and sensuality.

The Moon And The Hanged Man Cards

The Moon card depicts two dogs barking at the moon. One of them denotes light and the other darkness. They symbolize spirit and matter. You can see a crayfish emerging from the water (sea). This card illustrates delusion or unclear vision.

The Hanged Man denotes a man hanging in an upside down position. His legs are forming a sort of cross. The card tells to heed to the spiritual aspect of any situation.

Tarot Questions For Pisces

You must ask yourself the following:

In what aspect of your life is there a delusion?
Do you act by desire or love?
Do you need to be more compassionate in your actions rather than acting like a fiery dragon?
Do you need to pay attention to your spiritual side and think less about material gains?