Understanding The Significance Of Main Lines In Palmistry

The very foundation of palmistry lies in the proper understanding of the significance of main lines on the palm. Main lines are the lines present on the palm of a person right from the time of his birth. There are seven main lines found on the palm of every person. Each line represents various details related to the past, present, future and character of the person.

Let us take a brief look at each of these seven main lines and their significance.

The Life Line

The life line is the most important line on your palm. Beginning from the side of the palm in the area between the index finger and the thumb, the life line then extends to the base of the palm across the middle palm area. This line mainly represents your lifespan and health. An expert palm-reader will be able to make out details like your age, vigor, sickness and even death. The Life line is thus an indicator of all the important factors affecting your life.

The Head Line

The Head line begins from the Mount of Jupiter right above the life line and goes on to divide the palm into two horizontal parts. In most palms, you will find the life line and head line originating from the same spot. The head line mainly relates to the mentality and intellect of a person. It also shows your innate talents, intellectual strength and how you express your abilities.

The Heart Line

The heart line begins just below the Mount of Mercury from the opposite side of the life line. Just as the name suggests, this line symbolizes the feelings in your heart, your humane nature and loving attitude. The line is also a good indicator of your love life or a natural attraction to anyone. Interestingly, this line is absent in the palms of most criminals and cruel personalities.

The Fate Line

The fate line begins from the middle, base portion of the palm and extends to the base of the middle finger. This line indicates every worldly affair connected to your life - your success or failure, your career, the influence of other people and your luck. This line is especially prominent for those people who are strong believers in fate.

The Health Line

This line begins just below the ring finger and continues towards the life line. Be thankful if you are unable to locate this line on your palm - the absence of health line indicates excellent health and the absence of illness.

The Marriage Line

Also known as the 'Love line', the marriage line begins from outside the palm and extends into the palm towards the Mount of Mercury. While a light line indicates romance, a deep line points towards marriage. If the marriage line lies quite near the heart line, it suggests an early marriage. If the marriage line runs close to the ring finger, it indicates a late marriage.

The Fame Line (Line of Apollo or Sun)

Also known as 'Line of Success' or the 'Line of Brilliancy', the Fame line runs parallel to the Fate line. The fame line begins from the base of the hand and extends towards the ring finger. If the Fame line occurs along with the Fate line, it enhances fame and success in life.