The Mount Of Saturn - Indicating Success In Life

The Mount of Saturn is located at the base of the middle finger, the one that is known as the finger of Saturn. The existence of this mount on the palm is considered as a favorable sign since it empowers a person with extraordinary qualities. Generally, the Mount of Saturn is a good indicator of great honesty, modest, caution and love for solitude.

If the Mount of Saturn is well-developed, it represents a very lucky person who would scale the heights of success in his life, purely by his own dedication and hard-work. However, such a person often prefers to remain aloof from other people and concentrates solely on his goal. In fact, the person may get so engrossed in his career that he might neglect his family completely.

A well-developed mount also indicates a person with an intense thirst for knowledge and a great sense of responsibility. Unfortunately, this person may also be a suspicious and irritating character. No wonder, well-developed Mounts of Saturn are found on palms of people like scientists, chemists, wizards or writers.

If the Mount of Saturn appears over-developed, it denotes a distant, cold and introvert personality. This is especially true if the person possesses long fingers in addition to the over-developed mount. Another alarming fact about an over-developed Mount of Saturn is that such a person is very likely to commit suicide. In some cases, the mount may also take on a pale yellowish hue. So, it comes as no wonder that this mount is often over-developed in the palms of criminals and robbers.

If the person has a flat Mount of Saturn, it indicates an optimistic and outgoing person. It may also denote the person's excessive faith in fate. Although such a person may not make many friends, he will work doggedly and systematically in order to achieve his goals.

There are conflicting interpretations regarding the absence of the Mount of Saturn on the palm. While some palm readers confirm that the absence of this mount indicates a life of no importance, others argue that such a person may attain success or fame in an extraordinary manner.