The Mount Of Mars - A Good Indicator Of Your Self-Control

Every palm features two areas that may be termed as the Mount of Mars. The upper Mount of Mars is situated between the Mount of Jupiter and the Mount of Venus. The lower Mount of Mars is located just below the Mount of Mercury at the starting point of the heart line near the thumb.

In palmistry, the Mount of Mars is mainly linked to the level of aggressiveness of a person. The existence of the Mount of Mars is believed to endow a person with the qualities of fearlessness, courage and frankness. A soft Mars area indicates an extremely self-centered person. A firm and well-developed Mars plane denotes an extrovert nature and boundless energy.

The upper Mount of Mars indicates a courageous personality. However, if this mount appears well-developed, it represents a quarrelsome kind of person. The lower Mount of Mars indicates the degree of resignation and self-control of a person.

A well-developed Mount of Mars indicates a person who will scale the heights of success in life and attain great fame and respectability. This is especially true if the palm appears a bit reddish in color.

If the Mount of Mars is flat or just prominent, it denotes a powerful, fearless and courageous person. Once this person has set off on a mission, it would be impossible to subdue him. This person is also noted for his firmness and balance in life.

If the Mount of Mars is over-developed, it indicates that the person would be a criminal, tyrant or villain. This person would also be notorious for all kinds of anti-social activities. If the Mount of Mars is completely absent, it indicates the cowardly nature of that person.

If there is a cross sign on the Mount of Mars, the person is likely to meet his death in a quarrel or in a war. If the mount features a zig-zag line, then the person would probably die in an accident.