What Makes The Lifeline So Important?

The Life line is the most important - and at times the most controversial line on the palm. This line begins at the edge of your palm from the space in between the thumb and index finger and extends in the form of an arc towards the base of hand. This line is supposed to represent general health, vitality and energy of a person.

Unlike what most people believe, the Life line is not an indicator of how long a person would live. On the contrary, Life line seeks to reveal the quality of life of a person. Quality of life in this context refers to the degree of health, energy, strength and vitality possessed by a person. You may also notice certain small lines along the Life line. These small lines indicate various crucial events of one's life.

Variations In Life Line

A Life line that runs close to the thumb signifies a person with low energy levels. On the other hand, a Life line that travels along a wide arc indicates a person with tons of energy - a definite go-getter. Wide swinging arcs may also suggest an avid love of traveling. If the Life line is not as marked as the head line, it indicates a person who is comparatively less physically active and more mentally alert.

A person may experience different things in life based on variations in his Life line. A perfect Life line - without any breaks, irregular markings or crosses - indicates a good health and an extremely long life span. On the other hand, an imperfect Life line that can be seen splitting into finer lines or resembling roughly connected small lines symbolize bad health.

If the Life line, head line and heart line are all fused together at the starting point, it is quite an unfortunate sign that indicates bad temperament and wrong assessment of other people. A small gap between the head line and Life line indicates a person with great self-confidence and energy, one who is capable of carrying out all his plans independently.