The Head Line - Revealing Your Intellectual Mechanism

After the Life line, the next important line on the palm is the Head line or the line of head. This line begins at the aide of the palm beneath the index finger and extends to the opposite side of the palm. In most palms, the head line can be seen ending somewhere below the ring finger. You may also note the head line and life line being fused at their starting point.

Unlike what most people believe, the head line does not indicate the level of intelligence. It simply signifies how a person thinks. The line symbolizes the person's mind and how it works, his learning techniques, communication abilities, intellectual level and interest in pursuing knowledge. The line is also an indicator of how a person reacts to information - an impulsive response or an analytical approach. In some cases, the head line may also point to the wealth possessed by a person.

Variations And Interpretations Of The Head Line

Now let us see how to decipher various types of head lines.

  • A short head line symbolizes a person with a clear and simple thought process. The thought process of this person rarely wanders from the point.
  • A long head line represents a person with very meticulous and systematic thought process. If the head line is so long that it extends to the other side of the palm, it indicates high intellectuality and a selfish attitude.
  • A straight head line stands for good common sense, clear thought process and an avid interest in material things. These people do not care much for activities that involve creativity or risk.
  • A curved or sloping head line denotes creativity, romance, imagination, idealism and an experimental attitude to new ideas.
  • If the head line is straight in the beginning and then slopes slightly, it indicates a mind that has attained a balanced state between imagination and practicality.
  • A head line that begins just under the index finger indicates a brilliant mind.