Taurus Love Compatibility With Scorpio

Taurus is fixed earth and Scorpio is fixed water. As the saying goes "Opposites attract each other"- they blend and come together by balancing each other's strengths and weaknesses. They have powerful personalities and enjoy acquiring possessions - Taurus likes material goods while Scorpio wants power. Taurus is clear and straightforward and expects honesty while Scorpio is mysterious and confused. They grow and learn in a relationship and it can be a lasting one if they are willing to compromise.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto while Taurus by Venus. It is a good balance of masculine and feminine energy. Taurus is devoted which is facet admired by Scorpio and Taurus enjoys the intensity exhibited by Scorpio. With such contrasting personalities their sex life usually oscillates. They are passionate about wealth and many other things. Taurus is focused more on self while Scorpio extends concern to the lover and his family. They both are fixed signs which mean they are stubborn once they make up their minds. Taurus can win and be more dominant while Scorpio can attack emotionally and manipulate the situation.

Taurus and Scorpio together can make money and fame. There is lot of physical attraction and sensuality between them. Scorpio demands loyalty of love from his partner which is rewarding for a long term relationship. Scorpio can be a secret lover and will decide to open up as they grow closer with one another. They are terribly jealous by nature and need to ensure that this does not affect their relationship. Both of them are very serious about their relationship and refuse to let anybody be a fly in the ointment. They can have a lovely marriage as long as feelings of jealousy and resentment do not come in way.