Taurus Love Compatibility With Capricorn

Taurus love compatibility with Capricorn is considered one of the best combinations in astrology. They are both very practical and look at situations from a philosophical and intellectual angle. Both are logical, disciplined and down to earth. Taurus appreciates Capricorn's dedication and Capricorn admires the friend in Taurus. They understand and motivate each other to overcome weaknesses and help achieve goals. With time they can become conservative and focus on mundane issues so it is important to take time off and lead a life with fun and enjoyment.

As both of them need appreciation and flattery they provide the same to one another. They satisfy each other emotionally, physically, financially and intellectually. Taurus loves money and can be extravagant while Capricorn looks at financial stability and security. However, they both require stability in their home life. Capricorn does not ask for proofs of their partner's love and expects faith and respect in a relationship. Taureans are very faithful and devoted by nature which encourages a healthy married life.

Taurus is ruled by Venus and Capricorn by Saturn. Taurus and Capricorn do not take romance lightly. They are shy in the beginning and take a while to get into a relationship. Capricorn is considered to be a steady and constant lover who may not express very openly but will be well understood by a Taurean. They have a very promising and satisfying sexual chemistry. They are also a strong force together and look wonderful as a couple. Together they can accomplish great things and aim for the good things and the material comforts that both love and dream of.