Taurus Love Compatibility With Cancer

Taurus and Cancer will discover a lot of similarities in each other. Cancer is very emotional and attaches sentiment to people, things and places while Taurus finds security in the material sense. Taurus associate with Cancer in what they feel comfortable and secure. They provide a lot of support and encouragement to the emotional Cancer. They form a good friendship with a strong foundation, good possessions, required comfort and a good secured life. Problems and arguments can rise between them when Taurus tries to be a little dominant and insists on having his/her way.

Taurus is ruled by Venus while Cancer is ruled by Moon. Taurus can help Cancer deal with their emotions and help them take criticism lightly as they have a more stable view of life. They both need to learn to compromise. It is a good combination in a love affair. They believe in a secured relationship, nurture each other emotionally and sensually. They mutually agree on having a quiet night out at home.

Taurus can fulfill Cancer's secretive sensual fantasies. They are a perfect match for sex and romance as they are emotionally, sexually and family oriented. They take their relationship with lot of intensity and music and sex add to the attraction. Taurus likes Cancer's depth in a relationship and their sex life could leave them tied together for life.

Taurus should work on their stubbornness in order to maintain the mood of the relationship. Cancer has a strong and heavy influence which can be in the form of a sexual healing for a Taurean. A mutual understanding of good secured living makes them have a long term family relationship.