Sagittarius Love Compatibility With Taurus

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter that is linked to luck, philosophy, expansion and travel. This makes Sagittarius restless to take risk. Sensual Venus that symbolizes love, pleasure and financial reward rules Taurus. Venus influence blesses them with beauty and artistic talent. Taurus is known to be more practical in life.

The sexual attraction between the two could be intense if fundamental differences are taken care of. Their connection could be quite passionate and exciting if they learn about energies generated within their relationship. Moreover, they can gain a lot from their union in a long-term relationship.

The approach to life is quite different with these two signs. Sagittarians have a risk-oriented approach to everything they do. Taurus, on the other hand, prefers tried and trusted ways of doing things. Conservative Taurus wants to be in control of things, this would be unacceptable to a Sagittarius who likes to be free. On the other hand, Sagittarius bluntness can some times annoy the Bull. Sagittarius lives for the thrill of the moment and do not hesitate to gamble the future whereas Taurus is more practical and would like to save for the future.

The love chemistry could be great between the two but they have to overcome some hurdles. Taurus prefers stability and likes being at home and Sagittarius wants to be out and free. Taurus may find restless Sagittarius too scattered and careless, where as the latter may find Taurus focus too fixed. Taurus is slower than goal oriented Sagittarius. However, Taurus with its strong personality can inject Sagittarius with stability and focus in life. When the two are hooked together then Sagittarius will either settle down or get bored in this relationship.