Sagittarius Love Compatibility With Leo

Jupiter rules the sign Sagittarius, represented by an Archer, whereas Leo, represented by Lion, is ruled by Sun. Jupiter loves excitement and reaching out to new horizons. Sun is the center of our solar system and rules the heart. Leo exhibits qualities of the sun like warmth, brightness and wants to leave an impression on whatever they do. The Sun is about self and Jupiter is about opening out, so together they compliment each other with a combined attention to their own and world affairs.

These two fire signs form a romantic combination. Sagittarius needs a strong and stable person as partner. Leo, a stable sign, on the other hand needs to be pulled up to open to achieve full potential. These two signs together can ignite radiating passion as they have an instinctive understanding of their partner's deepest desires. They both share the same loving traits. However, Sagittarius need for freedom may come in conflict with Leo's constant desire to be admired and appreciated.

Leo and Sagittarius have a charismatic charm; people enjoy the energy radiated by this pair. Other people respect them. They both are interested to converse with others but Leo likes to be in control of the conversation and the Sagittarius flirtatious nature could bother the Leo.

They both share unlimited energy and thus can keep up with each other's urges and enthusiasm. The best aspect of their friendship is their teamwork and admiration for each other when they work towards a common goal. Their differences of opinion do not last for long.

The compatibility between the two sun signs can be quite rewarding, and therefore love as a basis can make it work.