Pisces Love Compatibility With Cancer

Pisces and cancer can make for an amazingly compatible relationship. Not only do the two have an instinctive understanding of each other, they also appreciate each other. Both are passionate and sensual. Cancer is decisive, loyal, and good with money, practical and worries about stability. Pisces adores Cancer for all these qualities.

Both signs revel in each other's romantic and sentimental nature. Cancer is very loyal in a relationship and can make Pisces feel very secure. The moment these two meet, the relationship progresses smoothly. Love blooms between the two as they encourage and support each other. Cancer can be quite demanding when it comes to the physical aspect of the relationship and Pisces responds with equal passion.

Dreamy Pisces can take a while to express their interest in a romantic relationship. Cancerians do not voice their feelings until they are sure of being accepted. However, Pisces and cancer are capable of a beautiful emotional bond and they are great at supporting each other's needs. This relationship was built to last. Cancerians can get a little over-possessive. But as long as Pisces understands the complete loyalty of the Cancerian, and realizes that the Cancerian will be there for them no matter what, the relationship will blossom rapidly. Pisces will see Cancerians as trustworthy and love them the way they want to be loved.

Communication is never a problem in this relationship and a Pisces-Cancer marriage is made to last. Passionate and affectionate both can make each other feel very special, adored and emotionally secure.