Libra - The Scales (September 23 - October 22)

Birth Stone: Opal
Color: Pink
Metal: Copper
Ruling Planet: Venus
Power Stone: Aventurine
Flower: Pink Rose

Libra is an air sign. This is the only zodiac sign represented by an inanimate object. Librans are considered to be the most civilized ones among all the 12 zodiac signs. They have charm, good taste, elegance and live in harmony with others. They are quite sensitive to others' needs and try to meet those with optimism. They may seem indecisive many times as they try and look at situations from different angles. They are good organizers and strategists. When Librans get bored, lethargy sets in and then they require the push from their partner to get back on track.

Librans handle situations very diplomatically and love to be informed of everything around them. They are dependable and can be consulted to handle conflicts with justice and fairness. They base most of their decisions on intuition which helps them identify any insincerity or deceit. They have original ideas and are often farsighted because of their intuitive powers.


  • Love to live in harmony with others and have a balanced life
  • They are kind, generous and considerate people and are quite sympathetic to other's feelings.
  • They enjoy the company of good friends and are loyal and amiable to all around them
  • They have an open mind and weigh the problems from all sides before taking a decision


  • Some Librans may be insincere and might even lie to have a relationship
  • They like to live in make believe world and refuse to face the truth
  • Even if they are on the right track, they give in very easily in an argument
  • They enjoy too much of material luxuries

Compatibility With Other Signs

  • Overall compatibility - Gemini, Aquarius
  • Incompatibility - Cancer, Capricorn
  • Emotional support by - Capricorn
  • Career help by - Cancer
  • Financial help by - Scorpio
  • Best for marriage and partnerships- Aries
Love And Relationship

Librans feel complete with love and marriage. They are very sensual and like to explore both the spiritual and physical sides of a relationship. They love attention from their partner and the more they are showered with it, the happier they become. They love to be in a relationship which has the fusion of two people for life.