Gemini - The Twins (May 21 to June 20)

Birth Stone: Alexandrine
Color: Yellow
Metal: Mercurium
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Power Stone: Mossagate
Flower: Camellia

Gemini is an air sign. Gemini is not very versatile but grasp and act according to the situations effectively. They believe in action first and prefer to explain later. They naturally adapt themselves to any situation. They are imaginative, generous and affectionate people. They like to take up new activities but lack execution and constantly require changes in their conditions. They are quite clever and smart and can find excuses to cover their weaknesses. They are dual natured, complex and contradictory. They are generous, courteous, honest and straightforward. They behave like children and sulk when things don't go as they want. Like children, they demand attention and appreciation and need time, money and energy spent on them.


  • They are bright and quick witted
  • Have varied interests and are keen to learn new things
  • They are analytical and use their intellect in different situations
  • They think with their mind and keep their emotions at bay
  • They tend to view a problem or situation from different angles
  • They make themselves comfortable anywhere
  • They go with time and prefer to remain youthful always
  • They are good talkers with a sense of humor


  • They try their hand at too many things and end up doing nothing
  • They find it difficult to concentrate and get easily distracted
  • They are not serious about anything
  • They are not quite dependable
  • Their knowledge is very hollow but have a know all attitude
  • They are quite blunt, brash and inconsiderate

Compatibilities With Other Signs

  • Overall compatibility - Libra, Aquarius
  • Incompatibility - Virgo, Pisces
  • Career help by - Pisces
  • Emotional support by - Virgo
  • Best for marriage and partnerships - Sagittarius
  • Financial support by - Cancer
Love And Relationship

Gemini wins the heart of their partner through their head using their intellect. They look for a partner who is adventurous, exciting and fun to be with.