Aquarius - The Water Gatherer (January 20 - February 18)

Birth Stone: Amethyst
Color: Electric Blue
Metal: Aluminum
Ruling Planet: Uranus
Power Stone: Amazonite
Flower: White Orchid

Aquarius is an air sign. Aquarians dedicate themselves to people, missions and humanity. They are simple unassuming people who are frank, absorb knowledge readily and have a friendly attitude that makes them popular. They possess strong and attractive personalities with a strong will and conviction. They are serious, refined, frank and assertive and have a dry sense of humor. They are intelligent, clear and logical and a have psychic sense. They work best in projects and as leaders at work.

Aquarians prefer to be loners at times and retire from the crowd. They prefer to be independent and dislike any interference from others. If they feel that someone is worthy of their love and friendship, they will try all possible to attract them and will be ready to be faithful to them for life.


  • They are honest, broadminded and straightforward and set themselves very high standards
  • They are dependable and are relied upon by others
  • They respect other people's beliefs and hold them in high regard
  • They are always willing to extend help to people in need
  • Prefers to be individualists and are more the loner types


  • They like to dream and hardly carry out the plan that they have chalked out
  • They are quite unrealistic, impractical and have unconventional behavior
  • They can be eccentric at times
  • Seldom admit to their mistakes and feel that they are more clever and intelligent than others

Compatibility With Other Signs

  • Overall compatibility- Gemini, Libra
  • Incompatibility- Taurus, Scorpio
  • Career help by- Scorpio
  • Financial help by- Pisces
  • Emotional support by- Taurus
  • Best for marriage and partnership- Leo
Love And Relationship

Aquarians need a satisfying relationship which will give them enough mental and physical stimulation. They need an understanding, passionate lover who's willing to maintain the bond of love for ever. Their sex drive is rather mild and requires stimulation. They are quite attentive and fun to be with and apply a lot of energy to satisfy their partner in order to have a long lasting relationship.