Gemini Love Compatibility With Capricorn

Gemini and Capricorn tend to move in opposite directions, as their approach to life is different from each other. While Geminis are quite impulsive and do not like to adhere to current strategies, Capricorns move in a very systematic manner according to plans. Capricorns are cautious, careful and adhere to principles while Geminis have limitations in following instructions. Despite life being monotonous, Capricorns strive to achieve their aims. Geminis do not stick to a particular thing for a long time. The sexual behavior of Gemini hardly appeals to Capricorns. Not only physical needs, Capricorn are very particular about career and money as well. However, this pair can add to their wisdom if they communicate with each other effectively.

There is not much compatibility between a Gemini man and a Capricorn woman. A Gemini is a flirt that can break a warm heart of a Capricorn woman. While a Gemini man is not good at making emotional bonds, a Capricorn woman needs commitment in a relationship. A Capricorn woman seeks loyalty and faithfulness in a relationship which is difficult for a Gemini man to give. A Gemini man's impatience and a Capricorn woman's enduring nature do not go together. However, a Gemini man can teach a Capricorn woman about adapting to change. A Gemini woman wants to take life her own way and on her own terms. A Capricorn man will find this difficult to cope up with. The adventurous nature of a Gemini woman will not go smoothly with the conservative Capricorn man. However, a Gemini woman will respect the determination of the Capricorn man and his enthusiasm towards life.