Capricorn Love Compatibility With Leo

Leo is impulsive and highly dominant. They are superstars, leaders and achievers, where as Capricorn is more of a father figure, task master or executive. Capricorn fails to understand and accept Leo's basic nature, which doesn't allow the relationship to run smoothly. Leo is aggressive but forgives and forgets very easily, whereas, Capricorn who does not have a short temper, once angry, seldom forgets.

Leo is usually under the impression that Capricorn has a lot of feeling but does not express those well. On the other hand, Capricorn feels that Leo has poor imagination and innovation skills. They have wide apart personalities when it comes to everyday life. Leo believe in spending a lot of money and time in maintaining social status, while Capricorn is more into a simple life style and saving for the future.

At the time of any argument or dispute, Capricorn wants to be left alone and takes a lot of time to get back on track, while Leo tries to fix up everything instantly. Leo is highly optimistic in his approach, where as Capricorn hardly visualizes the brighter side of life. In a relationship between Leo and Capricorn, adjustment is highly essential. They need to understand that giving more than what they get is required for their relationship to flourish. Initially, they might feel irritated with each other, but with efforts, this relationship can provide a great deal of satisfaction to both the signs. The sexual life needs to be handled with care as Leo might demand overindulgence in sexual activities, which might not be acceptable for an "all moderate" Capricorn.