Capricorn Love Compatibility With Cancer

Cancer needs attention and if Capricorn is unable to provide it. A relationship between these two signs doesn't work out well. Capricorn is career oriented and spends most of the time and energy in finding ways to reach new heights of his/her career. Capricorn naturally expects that the other person is comfortable with an excess of his time given to career. Since cancer expects a lot of attention and time, he might feel uneasy or pout when ignored, intentionally or unintentionally. This uneasiness might go unnoticed, as the Capricorn might be too busy making plans for performance improvement.

Cancer seeks stability in his partner and the ambitious nature of Capricorn satisfies this requirement very easily. Both are traditional and seek love, which can make a long term committed relationship very successful. Both manage financial issues very conveniently and this rules out the chances of any financial problems or instability. Capricorn expects commitment and loyalty from his/her partner.

Cancer can support the Capricorn by providing love and homey feeling as well as moving smoothly towards his/her ambition. They give the feeling of being a royal couple, once the relationship is established. They share the responsibility of building a strong bond among themselves and with the family. Capricorn might expect Cancer to put the emotional and sensitive part of their nature aside to move ahead in career, so that Cancer becomes independent financially.

Sex life might be affected due to the reading and studying interests of Capricorn before going to sleep. Cancer needs to divert his/her partner's interest from career and job to make the sexual relationship work. However, this relationship is not a match made in heaven as a lot of hard work and compromise is required to make it a success.