The Importance Of The Moon Sign In Zodiac Astrology

The most common sign in zodiac astrology is the sun sign. It is also the sign that most astrology columns in different publications focus on. However, the moon sign is important if you want an in-depth analysis of your personality.

The moon sign is ascertained by the position of the moon at the time of birth. Since the movement of the moon is faster through the twelve zodiac signs than the sun, your moon sign will probably be different from your sun sign. In order to know your moon sign, you need to have your time, date and year of birth. You can then consult an ephemeris, a special almanac. Alternatively, you could go online and get your moon sign from one of the many astrology sites available.

In zodiac astrology, the moon sign represents:

  • Your subconscious and emotions
  • Your instincts, memories and habits
  • Your feelings and reactions
  • Your social conditioning and childhood environment
  • Your way of life, personal worries and concerns
  • Your relationship with your mother or other maternal figures
  • Your relationships with your family and people you consider to be family

There are many occasions where some people say that astrology does not work. And if you consider only the sun sign, then zodiac astrology will seem as it doesn't work because people are not one-dimensional. To get a proper astrological analysis, one of the main things you need to know is your moon sign. As you can see from the points mentioned above, it does play a vital role in astrology. It answers questions you might have had before about yourself and those around you.

If you find that you deal with family very differently than you deal with close friends, it could be because the nature of your moon sign is very different from the basic nature of your sun sign. This might make already difficult situations tougher. But with knowledge and experience, you will probably learn how to deal with it better.

The reason the moon sign is not as popular as the sun sign is because it is not as easy to find. Every two and a half days the moon changes. This means those ten days in a month the moon will enter the day in a particular sign and will end the day in a different sign. Therefore finding your moon sign can become a complicated process. But now there are computer programs that can find your moon sign in a matter of seconds.

Positive and harmonious moon energy makes you sensitive, intuitive, benevolent and compassionate. Negative and stressed moon energy makes you resentful, emotionally out of balance, dependent and fearful.

Through zodiac astrology, learning more about your moon sign will give you a better insight into your particular behavior patterns. It will enable you to garner more understanding and acceptance of yourself. The whole experience can be very enlightening.

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