Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign and associated with perfectionism. One of the dominant qualities of people under this sun sign is their constant thriving towards perfection. In fact, they have an unconscious need for wanting to be perfect. And this desire makes others label them as overly critical.

Virgo Personality

Virgos are neatness freaks! They love tidiness in their surrounding. Some of them have "mental" neatness, which means that they have organized and tidy minds. Others are more interested in "physical" neatness, which means they want everything around them organized and neatly in place. Some of them might hang between the two.

Virgos have a shy personality. Due to their shyness, they prove themselves to be difficult mates. A typical quality of a Virgo is that the more he or she likes you, the shyer they would behave in front of you!

Forget their shyness and you'd find a Virgo loaded with intelligence and practicality. They are methodical in their ways and like things to be to the point. They are slow in taking action. They believe in analyzing their knowledge and using it to improve themselves. Due to their habit of analyzing things from all angles before plunging into it, such people make great financial advisors, stock brokers, or other such professionals.

Virgos get full points for punctuality and reliability. They would go an extra mile in helping you. Many war heroes have been Virgos, as this sun sign is identified with courage. People under this sun sign do not get addicted to things easily and stay away from over indulgence. A large number of mathematicians and scientists on the earth are Virgos, as this sign is high in intelligence.

This sign, ruled by Mercury, symbolizes chastity. It's the sign of the virgin that reflects simplicity and decency. People under this sign have a well balanced mind and high intellectual powers. They are regarded as cool, courteous, conversationalists, tactful, and reserved. They are thinkers with a sharp perception. They give sound advice and useful ideas. They have an active intuition that helps them understand their fellow human beings and their motives better.

Virgos are particular about their appearance. In fact, they are critical in almost everything they do. They want perfection in all aspects of life. They make loyal partners and care for those whom they love. They get pleasure from social activities. They take great pride in tangible achievements.

Matters Of Health

Virgos need to watch out for bowel disorders, colic and intestinal infections, and indigestion. They often suffer from insomnia, as they find it hard to attain relief from their nervous tension. Their habit of attending to details may give them hypochondria. Meditation, relaxation, massage, stretching exercises, and deep breathing benefit Virgos.

Positive Features

  • They are shy and decent
  • They are neat, hardworking, intelligent, and practical
  • They are reliable and tactful
Negative Features
  • They can be overly critical due to their perfectionist nature
  • They are hard to please
  • Primary color: Blue
  • Birthstone: Jade, Japer, and Sapphire
  • Lucky numbers: 8 & 4
  • Lucky day: Wednesday
  • Lucky colors: Navy Blue and Gray
  • Best success point: Small city

Virgo bonds better with Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, and Scorpio. The best match is with Pisces. The worst match is with Aquarius.

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