The second sign of Zodiac, Taurus is a rock steady and practical. Ruled by Planet Venus, people under this sun sign hate change. They tend to remain in their comfort zone. They don't take risks, even though it might be profitable. They harbor a rigid mind and are known to follow their doctrines unto death. It's almost impossible to change the mind of a Taurus!

Taurus Personality

Taureans are reliable and patient, with strong principles. So, if such a person promises you something, you can be rest assured, he or she would do it. Such people are driven by an overwhelming need for security. They are sociable, introverted, and quite faithful. They are loaded with dormant energy. They need a medium to show their commitment. Due to their qualities, these people tend to succeed in business.

The topmost priority of a Taurean is stability. They are forever seeking ways to satisfy their emotions. They tread with caution and calmness. Some may tend to be bullish by nature. They thrive in a secure environment that features emotional commitment. These two are the most desirable things for a Taurean. And the purposeful and diligent journey to achieve these is what the life of a Taurean is all about.

In matters of love, they strive for secure relationships. They are high on commitment. They are willing to give time and energy to develop a strong bond with their partner in order to make their relationship everlasting. However, at times, this quality may take a negative turn with the Taurean getting quite possessive. They may not give the much-needed freedom to their partner to allow a lasting relationship. So, if any Taurean fails in his or her relationship, it's largely because of their inability to give space in their bonding. Their overly committed attitude may, at times, tend to suffocate their relationship.

Taureans love pets. This exhibits their warm and affectionate nature. Also, these people never shirk from responsibilities. They are outdoor people who love biking and hiking, and are respectful towards nature.

Matters Of Health

Taureans exhibit a craving for sweets and rich foods and may often over-indulge. Therefore, they need to check their weight. Besides, Taureans are prone to sore throats, tensions, and problems of the neck. Excessive stress may affect their vocal chords leading to laryngitis. They may also suffer from goiter, tonsillitis, and obesity. Hence, people under this sign should take everything in moderation to ensure health.

Positive Features

  • Reliability, patience, and strong determination.
  • Loving and kind, with a stable mind.
  • Desire security.
Negative Features
  • Can be rigid at times.
  • They are prone to over-indulgence, possessiveness, and jealousy.
  • Can get greedy.
  • Primary colors: Blue and Violet
  • Birthstone: Diamond
  • Lucky numbers: 1 & 9
  • Lucky day: Friday
  • Lucky color: Blue
  • Best success point: Serene places

Taurus bonds well with Libra, Virgo, Leo, and Scorpio. Their best match is with Leo. The worst match is with Sagittarius.

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