Houses In Astrology

There are twelve houses in astrology. The Babylonians were the first to make this configuration. The modern astrologers still use the same configuration. Every house has been given a specific number, counting from one to twelve, based on their position from the east downward under the horizon. Each house indicates a specific area of life on a set pattern. It also describes the influence of the different patterns on a person's life. The houses have been given traditional Latin names. Here is brief rundown on them along with the areas of life that they influence.


It is the first house. It is the House of Self. It influences the following areas of life.

  • Characteristics, traits, and Physical appearance of the person
  • Beginnings and initiatives
  • Ego
  • General outlook of the world, and
  • First impressions


The second house is referred to as Taurus. It is the House of Value.

  • Self-Worth
  • Substance
  • Cultivation and growth
  • Acquisitions, property, and belongings
  • Money
  • Material and immaterial things of specific value


The name of the third house is Gemini. It is the House of Communications.

  • Local travel and transportations
  • Neighborhood matters
  • Siblings
  • Mental facilities
  • Childhood environment and education

The fourth house has been named as Cancer. It is the House of Home and Family.

  • Cyclic end of matters
  • The caretaker of the household
  • Mother or mother figure
  • Early foundation and environment
  • Roots, heritage, and ancestry

It is the fifth house. It is the House of Pleasure.

  • Creative self-expression
  • Sex and love affairs
  • Children
  • Games and gambling
  • Things of entertainment
  • Recreational and leisure activities


The sixth house is referred to as Virgo. It is the House of Health.

  • Small domestic animals and pets
  • Caretaking
  • Service performed for others
  • Overall well-being and health condition
  • Employments and jobs
  • Training or skills acquired
  • Routine tasks and duties

The name of the seventh house is Libra. It is the House of Partnerships.

  • Matters dealing with different diplomatic relations
  • Agreements and treaties
  • Business partners
  • Marriage
  • Other close relationships

The eighth house has been named as Scorpio. It is the House of Death and Sex.

  • Self-transformation
  • Regeneration
  • Taboo, psychic, and occult matters
  • Finances and joint funds
  • Sexual relationships
  • Cycles of deaths and rebirth


Sagittarius is the ninth house in Astrology. It is the House of Philosophy.

  • Knowledge
  • Higher education
  • Law and ethics
  • Religion
  • Long travel and transportations
  • Culture
  • Foreign travel


The tenth house is referred to as Capricorn. It is the House of Social Status.

  • The public appearance of the person
  • Authority
  • The breadwinner of the household
  • Government
  • Status in society
  • Career
  • Motivations
  • Ambitions

The name of the eleventh house is Aquarius. It is the House of Friendships.

  • Hopes and wishes
  • Benefits from career
  • Higher associations
  • Societies, clubs, and groups
  • Friends of like-minded attitudes

Pisces is the twelfth and last house in astrology. It is the House of Self-Undoing and Mysticism. This house of astrology is indicative of the following.

  • Unknown enemies
  • Self-sacrifice, reflection, and retreat
  • Secretive, clandestine, and elusive matters
  • Places of seclusion, including self-imposed imprisonments, prisons, hospitals, and others.

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