This is the third zodiac sign and features inquisitiveness, versatility, and articulation. People under this sun sign are ruled by Mercury - the Roman messenger of God. They are highly adaptable people with a flexible mind. They are known to possess the amazing ability to deal with obstacles. In fact, they are great puzzle solvers.

Gemini Personality

Gemini people harbor Type A personality. They have charisma that never fails to attract. They are born communicators. They are cheerful and have the ability to entertain people. No wonder people adore them. Gemini being a twin sign, such people hold strong opinions and think that they are always right. However, their mood oscillates so wildly that the very next moment, they can contradict their own opinion! Due to their infamous mood swings, they cannot be relied upon always. And if you annoy them, they can whip you with a sharp tongue.

Gemini people are romantic. One of the adorable qualities of Gemini people is their wit and willingness to suit all situations. Such people are versatile, but at times, may become cunning due to their inconsistency.

Geminis are experts in gathering information. They are known to carry out any activity as long as monotony eludes them. They are good at multi-tasking. Such people are intellectuals. They possess active as well as sensitive minds. They are generous, affectionate, and impulsive. Although they are quick tempered, they do not hold grudges for long. They are high-spirited. Because of this quality, they are the life of any party. They have the ability to convert a dull environment into an exciting one.

Gemini people crave for respect. They exude charm. Depending on their mood, they can be quite soft at times. You cannot expect such people to stay at one place for a long period, as people under this sign tend to get bored easily.

Due to their effective communication skills, Gemini people are best suited for the media profession.

Matters Of Health

Gemini people often overlook the basic needs of their body, such as food and sleep, due to their impulsive nature. Gemini rules the nervous system. This implies that such people may suffer from nervous or mental troubles. Such people are also vulnerable to respiratory disorders. They mostly suffer from flu and cold. Their shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers are also prone to troubles. Massage proves to be beneficial for Gemini.

Gemini people are advised to take regular meals, follow a workout regime, and take adequate rest to keep their mood swings under control. Their high-spirited nature may lead to erratic levels of energy. Therefore, they need to perform relaxation techniques and learn to control their mind for a happy life.

Positive Features

  • They are versatile and energetic
  • They are good communicators and quick-witted
  • They can adapt to any situation
Negative Features
  • They can get tense and nervous at times
  • They can be inquisitive, inconsistent, and cunning
  • Primary color: Yellow
  • Birthstone: Agate and Emerald
  • Lucky numbers: 3 & 4
  • Lucky day: Wednesday
  • Lucky colors: Gray and Silver
  • Best success point: an elevated location above sea level

Gemini bonds better with Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, and Leo. The best match is with Libra. The worst match is with Virgo.

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