Elements Of Astrology: Earth

In astrology, there are various methods to classify human behavior. The concept of elements is one of those methods. People are divided into groups of four elements, based on their date of birth. Four entities of nature, namely earth, air, water, and fire, are used to denote the four elements. Each element contains people of three different sun signs. People who belong to the element of earth are the most down-to-earth people of all. They possess an ability to work hard and stick to the simple beliefs that they have. In a sense, they lean substantially towards traditional values and accept any modern values only if they are fully convinced.

People With Feet Firmly On Earth

People who belong to the sun signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn come under the element earth. They have a firm and stable character, the same features that characterize the earth. They tend to work hard and with great focus and determination. Early setbacks do not deter them from the task ahead. They are excellent foot soldiers rather than charismatic generals. One difference though is that they do not easily obey orders. They decide things for themselves. If one manages to convince them by answering all their queries, there is no better ally than these people of earth.

People belonging to the element earth are comfortable in traveling on the beaten path. Innovative they are not, but they are extremely dependable, as they do not change opinions frequently. Also, they exhibit a risk-averse nature. Life of these people can be less exciting, but is more stable. On occasions, they can appear self-centered too.

In terms of temperament, they are best suited for relationships with the people of water. Also, they tend to stay away from limelight and normally cannot prevent somebody else from taking the credit of success that is a result of their hard work.

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