Astrology Predictions - Are They Really Good To Know?

Astrology predictions can never be accurate. This may come as a shock to astrology believers. But, the fact, according to most astrologers, is that this science cannot tell exactly what will happen next in your life. But yes, it can definitely tell about the plausible trend of events that will unfold in your life.


Let's take an example. Mr. Smith goes to an astrologer for his weekly astrology predictions. Suppose his astrologer informs him that next Wednesday, he will enter his boss's office with a request for a raise. His boss, being in a foul mood, will misperceive his intentions and label him greedy and unproductive. This would hurt Mr. Smith's self-esteem and his entire week would get spoilt. On top of it, his boss will make sure he does not get a raise for at least 6 months and will even increase his work load.

Now, this is an exact prediction. But, face the truth: no astrologer in the world would make such a prediction!

On the contrary, Mr. Smith's astrologer would tell him to be careful while talking to the boss next week and not make any requests for a raise for the time being. This is not an exact prediction, but a statement revealing a high tendency of the turn of events that can happen next week in Mr. Smith's life.

So, we can say that astrology predictions don't actually tell what IS going to happen next. They warn us of what MAY happen next, so that we can prepare ourselves to tackle the challenges of life better.

Let Life Take Its Course!

Have you ever imagined what would happen if everybody knew what exactly is gonna happen in their lives in the coming days? Well, it would create chaos in the world. Those with negative astrology predictions may go into depression, stop working hard, lose their confidence, and develop a fear psychosis. On the other hand, those with positive predictions may become over-confident, celebrate their achievement even before it occurs, and may even stop working because they already know the result!

Now, imagine someone knowing the exact place and time of his or her death! He or she also knows how they will die. Can they live the rest of their lives with peace and pleasure? It's doubtful. Every day, they may think about their death. It may increase their worries and may even change their behavioral pattern. Ask cancer patients who are told by their doctors they have only a few months to live. You'll know it's really a bad idea to have exact predictions.

People think it's charming to know about their future. The truth is: life loses much of its charm once you know what will happen next.

Thank God, astrology predictions are not that precise! The real fun or adventure in living life is when you don't know what will happen the next moment or in the coming years. There is kinda excitement involved in planning about the future, no matter what lies ahead. You move in life one step at a time.

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