Aries is the first Zodiac sign in both ancient and modern astrology. It is ruled by Mars - the Roman God of War. Thus, this fire sign is the most restless. People under this sign are always constantly doing something, or their energy suffers.

The Aries Personality

Aries is a dynamic personality. They are people who tend to make heads turn when they enter a room. Aries exhibit high energy levels and crave for adventure. They love to take risks and believe that they know better than others. So, if you were drowning, they would be the first to jump in the water to save you! Also, they are particular about the safety of others, though they themselves would not think twice to put their life in danger. So, don't be surprised, if they chide you for going into the waters obliviously!

They seem to understand every situation with ease, although they don't give a damn to details. But, if there is a good cause to fight or a problem to crack or be innovative, Aries will take the lead.

Being the first sun sign, Aries harbor an egoistic personality. They are outgoing people bubbling with stamina. Such people are blessed with all the mental ability to carve a niche for themselves. But, if kept unchecked, this attitude can turn into self-centered and selfish nature for some.

But, one thing is sure - Aries people usually get what they want. Many famous and successful people come under this sign. Aries have big dreams.

Matters Of Health

Aries enjoy good health. They have a strong body. Such people are so busy taking up challenges that they hardly have time to be ill! They have amazing healing powers. Even if they fall sick, they recover fast. Mostly, it is fever and headache that Aries suffer from. But, their illnesses seem to vanish fast.

Aries people benefit from competitive sports or brisk walks. This is because they need to "burn off" their extra energy. But, it's important for them to take adequate rest to keep their energy levels high. It's also important for such people to check their diet, as their energy levels oscillate wildly. Sugar and coffee are best avoided by Aries, as they stress them out.

Positive Features

  • They are energetic and brimming with courage.
  • They are confident, quick witted, and inventive.
  • They are fiery with passion and warmth.
  • They are expressive.
  • They have a powerful sense of urgency.
Negative Features
  • They can be egoistic.
  • They can be impulsive and impatient.
  • They can harbor a quick temper.
  • They are prone to take unnecessary risks.
  • They tend to procrastinate.
  • Primary color : Red
  • Birthstone : Diamond, Aquamarine, or Amethyst
  • Lucky numbers : 7 & 6
  • Lucky day : Tuesday
  • Lucky colors : Red shades
  • Best success point : Big city

Aries bond better with Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. Best match is with Leo. Worst match is with Cancer.

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