Elements In Astrology: Air

In popular astrology, people are said to belong to four basic elements: air, fire, water, and earth. Three different sun signs come under each element. Among these people who belong to the element air are the most communicative and articulate. Ideas emanate from them as naturally as air flows from one place to another. They are generally creative and are able to adapt to most of the situations. But they may not like a heavy dose of emotions and sentimentalism.

The Air Of Exuberance

The element air is a strong influence in people who have the sun sign Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The people who belong to this group are good thinkers and possess sufficient intellectual capabilities to solve complex problems - both professional and personal. Level-headedness during a crisis and a high level of idealism are their other common character traits. Normally, they are objective in their deeds and provide a positive influence on people who associate with them. But on occasions, they adhere to their principles without even considering the sentiments of others.

The people of the element air are not only good thinkers, but also excellent communicators of their ideas. Most of them are excellent talkers, with an ability to convey what is in their mind crisply and clearly. Not just they excel in formal meetings; they are essential ingredients for any lively parties. They are the ones who pep up any social gatherings with quotable quotes and quick wits. Normally they are exuberant and extrovert personalities.

There are basically two types of people in this category: those who behave like a gentle breeze and those who appear like an intense storm. Sometimes, the same person can behave both ways. They are said to be ideally compatible with those of the element fire, with whom they share the ruthless contempt for sentiments and silly emotions.

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