Are You A Yellow Lover?

Your love for a particular color can say a lot about you and your personality. If you are fond of the color yellow, then read on to know some more about the effects the color can have on your life.

Personality Traits

People who love to have yellow all around them show that they have a vibrant imagination accompanied with a lot of anxious energy. These people tend to be extremely well-organized and have clear thinking and vision. Though, deep underneath these people are loners and very shy too. This quality of theirs tends to make them dependable as friends. Such individuals also desire to be loved and respected for their prudence even though they may not show it.

Psychological Effects

As yellow is known to be primarily a cheerful color, it brightens up whichever area it is put in. The color also signifies wisdom and joyousness. Golden yellow stands for peace, sympathy and ingenuity. It also inspires spiritual altitudes. On the negative side, very bright yellow can lead to an over stimulation of the mind and in turn could have catastrophic consequences.

Physiological Effects

Yellow is a declassifying color and appeals to a large mass of people. It also:

  • Draws out a guarded response that is innate to humans when combined with black.
  • Yellow fruits and vegetables act as laxatives and also tend to soothe the nerves.
  • Children who have too much yellow in their rooms also tend to be cranky and cry more often.
  • People are also known to suffer from frequent allergic reactions when exposed to yellow surroundings.