Pear And Its Relation With Fruit Astrology

Fruit astrology is gaining popularity all over the world. It deals with letting an individual know more about his character traits through his likes and dislikes in fruits. This ultimately lets a person understand his self and work towards self- improvement. Here we are talking about the relation of pears with fruit astrology. If you are a pear lover then you are going to enjoy reading this article.

Here is something you must know about pears too. Read on.

More On Pear

Pears are a widely favored fruit. They can be consumed fresh, canned, dried or even in its juice form. Pear juice is also used in jellies and jams and is eaten in combination with other fruits and berries. They stay fresher if kept in the fridge and ripen faster if placed next to bananas.

A pear is also the least allergenic of all fruits. It also has a host of medicinal values attached to it. It is useful in treating inflammation of mucous membranes, colitis, chronic gallbladder disorders, arthritis, and gout. It is also beneficial in lowering high blood pressure, controlling blood cholesterol levels, and increasing urine acidity.

Now that you know a lot more about your favorite fruit, let us move on to the personality traits of pear lovers.

Pear- Fruit Astrology

  • If you are a pear lover then you are an extremely enthusiastic person.
  • Though, even if you put your complete mind and body into doing things successfully, somewhere along the way you lose control and have trouble in completing the task.
  • You like to know the results of your efforts immediately.
  • You enjoy mental stimulation and love to get into discussions.
  • You are fickle-minded, restless and high-strung.
  • You are quick to strike friendship but in the long run maintaining it gets difficult for you.