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Here at MyFreeHoroscopes.com you will find in-depth information on diverse topics such as Astrology, Numerology, Chinese Astrology, Feng Shui, Tarot Card Reading, Palmistry and Vastu Shastra.

Astrology is a subject that fascinates all of us. In its simplest form, most people relate it to their sun sign - which symbolizes the zodiac sign the sun passed through when they were born. Since the Sun controls our basic personality, our ego and willpower, it also represents our individuality. Our section on astrology brings you information on various facets of astrology, including its history, an insight into western and vedic astrology, horoscopes, etc. Each sun sign of the zodiac is described in full detail along with information on the nine planets and their influence on these signs and the different elements in astrology.

The section on Love Horoscopes for men and women tells you about the love compatibility for all signs, so that you can explore what the stars have to say about love and romance in your future life.

Numerology, the study of numbers and how they reveal a lot about a person's character, goals in life, talents and aptitudes has been explored in detail. Each letter in the alphabet from A to Z has a numeric value that has significance. Numerology can help you in a variety of ways, right from deciding when to switch jobs, change locations, get married, make investment, and so on.

Along with Western and Vedic Astrology, there is also Chinese Astrology based on the eastern zodiac, which is said to go back as far as 2637 B.C. Chinese astrology relates to the twelve-year lunar cycle and your sign is determined based on the year in which you were born on the Chinese calendar. Each sign is represented by one of twelve animals and you can read all about the history of Chinese Astrology and the Chinese elements and the compatibility of these signs with each other.

As ancient as Chinese Astrology, the concept of Feng Shui or the art of placement can transform your life. Learn about Feng Shui basics, Feng Shui tips, coins, products and design and apply these successfully to your home and office. Feng Shui can bring you health and happiness when you follow its practical tips.

Vastu Shastra, similar to Feng Shui, is an ancient science of architecture that has developed through the centuries and is based on the influence of the sun and magnetic fields on the earth and its inhabitants. This influence can be both physical and mental. Read about role of India in Vastu, Vastu Vidya, Vastu benefits and tips and Vastu for the home and office.

You can explore the mystical and beautiful world of Tarot cards in the Tarot section. Did you know that the Tarot is more than just a pack of 78 cards? In this section, you can read about tarot cards and decks, about tarot readings and its relation to astrology, numerology and colorology.

The section on Palmistry tells you all about Palmistry. Palmistry, palm reading or Cheiromancy foretells the future by studying the individual's palm. What are the basic hand types? What are the main lines on the palm and what is their significance? You can get all the information here.

What is life without fun? Browse our Astro Fun section to read all about good luck charms, fruit astrology and about your favorite colors.