A Guide To The Scientific Basis Of Vastu

Vastu is based on the premise that there are two kinds of energy that interact to produce a third energy. The two energies are the positive and negative energies. They combine to form the energy of life.

Positive and negative energies are all over the earth's surface, constantly colliding. When you build a structure in a certain place, the vibrations of these energies are disturbed. They enter the structure and continue with their cosmic dance. The problem with this is that these two energies are not equal. Sometimes, you might have more of the positive than the negative energy, and vice-versa. If you have more negative energy than positive, you will be unhappy in your home. This is where vastu comes in.

Vastu helps to balance out the energies present in a structure with simple modifications. The house is filled with more positive vibrations and you end up feeling much happier and healthier.

But is vastu a science? Yes it is. Vastu principles are based on the theories of electromagnetism. The amazing thing is that these principles were developed thousands of years before electromagnetism was discovered!

Apart from noise, water and air, electromagnetism is another pollutant in our environment. None of us can really escape from it. Vastu plays an important role by using space to decrease our exposure to this magnetism. More space helps in reducing electromagnetism. Emphasis is also placed on the different directions and the five main elements of earth, water, air, fire and sky.

The wise men in ancient times studied the movements of the sun and laid down very specific rules regarding the construction of any structure. The eight directions - north, south, east, west, north-east, north-west, south-east and south-west, are very important in vastu.

The principles of vastu are also based on the balance of the five basic elements - earth, sky, water, fire and wind. Earth symbolizes the stability of the mind and body. Fire symbolizes energy. Water symbolizes purity. Air symbolizes movement and space represents creativity.

As modern researchers dug deep into the theory of the Unified Field of Natural Law, they found that vastu is in complete accordance with the Natural Law. This Law is the intelligence that guides the evolution of every single atom in the universe. It is the architect of all life in the universe. Vastu is a natural extension of this Law. It helps support Natural Law and enables you to have a better quality of life.

For example, every room in a house has its appropriate space. It is important to have the different room of a house or office in the place that's meant for it. If this is not done, Natural Law is interfered with and you will be out of balance with the environment around you.

Vastu will not make all your problems disappear magically. It will help you to deal with the problems better and come up with faster solutions.