Virgo - Hermit, Knight Of Pentacles

The sun enters Virgo on August 22. This earth sign is related to tarot's Hermit card. The celibacy of hermit as well as innocence and purity of virgin are believed to nurture spirituality. Virgo is ruled by planet Mercury, which is associated with tarot's Magician card. Virgins and hermits connect to the divine by renouncing the earthly pleasures.

The Hermit in major arcana in upright position signifies strength, intelligence, patience, caution, alertness, counsel, withdrawal, and a loner. In reverse, it means hastiness, foolish deeds, immaturity, imprudence, and a rash attitude.

The Knight of Pentacles in minor arcana in upright position denotes acceptance of responsibilities, trustworthiness, dull outlook, nature and animal lover, and the arrival/departure of matter. In reverse, it means irresponsibility, fearfulness, carelessness, impatience, and a stagnation of matters.

The Hermit And Magician Cards

The Magician card depicts a dashing young man busy manipulating objects that symbolize the four elements - earth, fire, air, and water. He is a magician with his right hand pointing towards the heaven and left hand pointing towards the earth.

Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, shows its magic through the power of reason, intellect, logic, analysis, and giving attention to details. The hermit card represents the magician grown old. He has been through all experiences in life and has realized that reason and analytical power alone is not enough to understand the inner self. Hence, he is depicted as a loner set on a journey towards spirituality or inner enlightenment.

Tarot Questions For Virgo

When hermit card is drawn during tarot reading, you must ask:

Where do you stand in your spiritual journey?
Are you engaged in manipulating like the magician?
Do you possess the power to withdraw for inner peace?
Is your spiritual fire still lit?
Do you need to renounce some of your worldly pleasures in order to seek inner awakening?