Taurus - Hierophant, King Of Pentacles

The sun begins its journey through Taurus from April 20. This is an earth sign assigned to the tarot's hierophant trump card. Taurus is ruled by Venus planet, which is related to the Empress trump.

The earthy suit of tentacles or disks in tarot signifies fertility, finance, family life, education, work, and apprenticeship. According to astrologers, the Moon, which is connected to the High Priestess trump of tarot, is particularly dignified during its transit through this sign, which symbolizes that of a bull.

The Hierophant Trump, The Empress, And The High Priestess Cards

Number 5 is the hierophant card that denotes a priest sitting between two pillars, wearing a triple crown and holding a scepter. There is a set of keys beneath his feet. This implies his access to knowledge. There are two acolytes on both sides of the keys. They are clad alternatively in light and dark vestments, suggestive of the light and dark pillars. This card signifies a systematic approach to the spiritual truth.

Number 3 is the Empress trump. There is a great goddess sitting on a throne, surrounded by earthly things. There is a diadem of 12 stars on her head. Each star symbolizes each zodiac. You can find the goddess of grain, Demeter, and the goddess of love as well as of material happiness, Venus.

Number 2 is the High Priestess trump. It denotes Persephone sitting between the dark and light pillars, signifying that she has access to both these empires. There is a crescent moon at her feet and a veil embellished with pomegranates behind her. This is the same fruit that she ate in the underworld. It has bound her to a never-ending cycle of life and death.

Tarot Questions For Taurus

Are you in need of spiritual guidance?
Did your natural gifts bore any fruit to you?
Do you pay attention to your inner self or just to the materialistic life?
In which phase of life would you wish to "die" in order to be reborn?