Tarot And Astrology - Is There Really A Connection?

On the surface, it would appear that tarot and astrology are closely connected. And little wonder- both astrology and tarot tend to be popular 'parlor' games that people like to amuse themselves with at parties. Both crafts also deal with interpreting signs and telling the future. But for a serious student of either tarot or astrology, it's important to know where these two differ and how they are the same.

Reading The Signs

One of the most apparent similarities between tarot and astrology is the use of ambiguous symbols. In both cases, the reader needs to use a combination of intuition and knowledge about each symbol. This is something that naturally grows with practice- the more you practice both these arts, the more the symbols will open up to you. Both these crafts are nothing new- they have images and motives that have been in place since ancient times.

However astrology has been around a little longer, since its origins can be traced back to before the birth of Christ. Modern tarot, on the other hand, has its beginnings in the time of the Renaissance. In many ways, both tarot and astrology have also changed and evolved according to the current trends.

Astrology and tarot are both crafts that require translation- that means you need a reader to tell you what the signs mean. However, anyone can train and learn how to read these sings- all it takes is practice and the right training. It should be noted here though that some people are better suited for astrology, since it is a craft that is based on scientific approaches. Tarot, on the other hand, relies more on the creative and free spirit. The reader's own intuition and how he feels and reads the cards play a huge role in tarot.

The Good And The Bad

A striking difference between tarot and astrology is the way in which good and bad are read and determined. For example, with tarot, there are very specific cards that hold good, bad or neutral meanings when they appear in a spread. If these cards are reversed, then their meanings also become reversed. But with astrology, there is always a 50% chance of things changing- nothing is read as being absolutely good or bad. Instead, the readings are seen as having just as much chance of emerging as an opportunity or a challenge. Similarly, the symbols and signs used in astrology are more ambiguous than tarot. Astrological signs tend to be more abstract- tarot, on the other hand, has symbols that can be immediately understood by an experienced reader.

Astrology is also a time-based craft. Remember that the planets are constantly in motion- this means that readings also change as time shifts. Tarot, however, is timeless; readings done at any time are dependant on the spread and of course the person. Some experienced divination students have researched into the complex connections between tarot and astrology. For an amateur, it's enough to understand that both crafts do have some important things in common. However, they are very distinct and different as well.