Scorpio - Death, King Of Cups

The sun enters Scorpio on October 23. This water sign is ruled typically by the Planet Mars, which is associated with tarot's Tower card. This sign is related to tarot's Death card. The watery suit of cups of tarot denotes classical daily scenes that evolve from the emotions of humans.

The Death in major arcana in upright position denotes unexpected change, failure, bad luck, loss, sickness or death, and transformation. In reverse, it means slow change, cheating death, stagnation, and narrow escape.

The King of Cups in minor arcana in upright position denotes a man of law, a businessman, a kind and considerate man, responsible person, and enjoyment of science or art. In reverse, it means scandal, violence, crafty, and powerful but double-dealer.

The Tower And Judgment Cards

The Tower card illustrates a phallic tower - the tower of Babel - being struck by a bolt of lightning and destroyed. The sting of scorpion is also as sudden and destructive as a bolt of lightning. This card shows human arrogance being destroyed by the deadly sting of the ferocious God.

A large number of mythological and religious traditions talk about undergoing a judgment, as humans transcend from one life to another. The judgment card of tarot symbolizes drastic change as one passes from one life to another.

Tarot Questions For Scorpio

During tarot reading, when any of the cards - Death, Tower, or Judgment -appears, you must ask yourself the following:

In which part of your life would you wish to "die" to bring a change and being reborn?

The judgment card tells us to examine our deeds in accordance to our need for change. The tower card cautions us to make necessary transformations in our lives or else the outside forces will transform them for us. The death card advises us to give up whatever is useless or worn out in our lives.