Libra - Justice, The Empress, Queen Of Swords

The sun enters Libra on September 22. This air sign is ruled by the Planet Venus and is linked to the tarot's Justice card. Libra also represents Yoke, a Greek word, used to harness horses and oxen. This sign represents balance as well as yoke. Spouses are yoked or bound by marriage and criminals are yoked by legal balance. Venus planet is associated with the tarot's Empress card that denotes female productiveness as well as fertility.

Libra being an air sign, it possesses an element of air. The airy suits of swords in Tarot signify daily scenes of dealing with conflicts in life and making balanced decisions.

The Justice in major arcana in upright position means equality, virtue, righteousness, harmony, balance, advice, honor, and considerate nature. In reverse, it means unfairness, intolerance, abuse, bias, and false accusations.

The Empress in major arcana in upright position means accomplishment, action, development, evolution, and mother/sister/wife. In reverse, it means inaction, indecisiveness, infidelity, anxiety, poor concentration, and wavering nature.

The Queen of Swords in minor arcana in upright position means one who can withstand grief, confident and quick decision, and a widow. In reverse, it means deceit, slyness, narrow-mindedness, gossiper, and cruelty on account of sharp observations.

Tarot Questions And Meditation For Libra

In tarot reading, when the Justice card is drawn, you must ask yourself the following:

Are you acting in a fair manner in life?
Do you get carried away by your emotions and trivial jealousy while taking decisions that may affect the moral balance in your life?
Are you keeping up with your commitments?
Do you need to correct any injustice done by you in the past?

When the sun enters Libra, it's the best time to meditate on the Justice and Empress cards of tarot. Also, you must meditate on the suit of swords. Study the images in the cards and seek interconnections. Find out how they relate to your outer as well as inner life during the summer end.