Leo - Strength, Sun, Queen Of Wands

The sun begins its journey through Leo on July 22. This fire sign is linked to the tarot's Strength card. It is ruled by the sun, which is linked to the tarot's Sun card. Leo is the animal Lion. Its image as well as myth runs through the Western culture.

The Strength in major arcana in upright position means strength, courage, energy, action, heroic deeds, determination, and virility. In reverse, it means weakness, sickness, power abuse, tyranny, faithlessness, and pettiness.

The Sun in major arcana in upright position denotes success, achievement, gratification, happy marriage, and love. In reverse, it denotes broken marriage, bleary future, canceled plans, sadness, loneliness, and lack of friends.

The Queen of Wands in minor arcana in upright position means attraction, fondness of home or nature, a woman, command, and an honorable person. In reverse, it means deceit, strictness, domination, jealousy or revenge, and infidelity.

The Strength Card

This card depicts a lion with golden mane and a beautiful maiden stooping over it. She is firmly, yet gently, holding his mouth shut.

Tarot Questions For Leo

In tarot reading, when the Strength card is drawn, you must ask yourself:

Is there a need to correct something on account of some "insane" action taken by you?
Are you honest with your inner self?
Are you behaving like a beast in situations where you can behave like a gentleman?
Are you allowing the sun to shine within yourself?