Gemini - Lovers, Knight Of Swords

The journey of sun starts through Gemini from May 21. This air sign is related to tarot's Lovers trump and is ruled by Mercury, the mental planet, which is associated with Magician trump.

The Magician in the major arcana in upright position signifies creativity, will power, skill, self confidence, and dexterity of hand. In reverse, it signifies weak will, delay, lack of imagination, and insecurity.

The Lovers in the major arcana in upright position denote love, trust, harmony, honor, optimism, meaningful relationship, and commencement of an affair. In reverse position, it denotes separation, unreliability, fickleness, and frustration in love.

The Magician And The Lovers Cards

Number 1 is the Magician. It denotes a young man wearing magician's robes. He holds a wand pointing towards the heaven in one hand and his second hand points towards the earth. There is a table in front of him containing four objects. They symbolize the four elements of nature as well as four suits of tarot. The man wears a belt around his waist; it's in the form of a serpent gobbling up his own tail. This signifies the cycle of life and death.

Number 6 is the Lovers trump. It signifies the story of Adam and Eve. Behind the lovers, there is an angle. Eve is standing right beside the tree of knowledge, both of good and evil. There is a snake coiled up on the tree, similar to the one around the magician's waist. Adam is standing beside the tree of life bearing 12 fruits, each for the 12 zodiac.

Tarot Questions For Gemini

Do you show how much you love your near and dear ones?
What are the significant decisions that are facing you and what are their pros and cons?
What are the things of childhood that you must avoid and take your position as an adult in society?
How can you create magic with your talents and alter the life of you as well as those around you?