Colorology And The Tarot - More Than What Meets The Eye!

Colorology and the tarot are two things that might not seem to be connected. But the power of color in tarot is something that is vastly underrated. All you have to do is take a close look at any tarot card. You'll immediately notice that not only are the illustrations ornate, but color plays a very important role. Not only are the cards rich in color, the hues are of different shades and variations. This isn't just for aesthetic value- the use of color in the cards has a deeper purpose!

Unlocking Your Intuition

We already know that intuition plays a huge role in tarot reading- the better you're able to feel the energy of the cards, the better you'll be able to read them. Colors are a powerful way to unlock our intuition and inner energies. We see this at work in our everyday lives as well- dull colors generally make us feel depressed or lethargic. But bright colors like lemon yellow can energize us and lift our moods. Tarot operates on roughly the same principle. The only difference is that instead of changing one's mood, a tarot reader tries to read the energies in the color.

The reason why colorology and the tarot have such a strong connection is because colors are like a hidden key. For those who aren't aware of the inner meanings of colors, the subsequent tarot readings may seem a bit incomplete. However, for a reader who's aware of the meanings of different colors, the cards immediately become clearer. A reader will be able to make a well-rounded and enriched reading if he knows what the colors are saying.

Interpreting The Rainbow

The best way to understand the link between colorology and the tarot is to understand the colors themselves. The color white, for example symbolizes peace. It can also mean illumination, cleansing and understanding, depending on the spread. One might think that black stands for negativity but that's not true. In fact, black stands for stability, fortitude and inner strength. After all, when you want to give strength or depth to a certain color, you add black to it. Like the earth, brown is a color that symbolizes solidity, and practicality. It also denotes a nurturing and earthy tendency.

It is actually the color grey that denotes confusion and uncertainty. Much like fog, gray can signify areas where the situation itself might not be perfectly clear. It can also signify a sense of mystery and in some cases, neutrality. It's also important to be aware of the different shades of certain colors. For example, blue is symbolic of freedom, creativity and inspiration. Indigo is similar but its depth of color also brings a new depth of meaning. Indigo denotes deep emotions, strength and persuasiveness.

In colorology and the tarot, the reader should also be aware of the mixing of colors. Yellow, for instance, symbolizes intellect, positivism and clarity. Red, which is a far more vibrant color, symbolizes passion, pleasure and vibrancy. When red and yellow come together, we get orange which is a balanced blend of the brightness of yellow and the vibrancy of red. Accordingly, orange denotes harmony, contentment and sociability.