Capricorn - Devil, Queen Of Pentacles

The sun begins its journey through Capricorn on December 21. This earth sign is linked to tarot's Devil card. It is ruled by the Planet Saturn, which is linked to the World card of tarot, the final trump.

The Devil in major arcana in upright position denotes ravage, violence, controversy, unexpected failure, downfall, weird experience, disaster, and ill-temper. In reverse, it means release, overcoming handicaps, divorce, and enlightenment.

The Queen of Pentacles in minor arcana in upright position means creativity, use of talents in a better way, intelligence, melancholy, and thoughtfulness. In reverse, it means excess dependence, mistrust, lack of creativity, suspicion, and neglected duties.

The Devil And The World Cards

The devil card tempts as well as tests you to prove your faith in the goodness of humans. The test often involves facing your worst fears. Maybe, you've been too obsessed with or are greedy of money, power, or sex to remember what truly makes you human. This card reminds you that it's you who have created your binding chains through your foolish desires and negative attitude.

The World card denotes a wreath, which symbolizes the Saturn's orbit. Saturn is the outermost visible planet in the solar system. Outside this wreath, there are 4 symbols at the corners of the card denoting the four elements of the universe - air, water, fire, and earth. A figure dances inside the wreath. It is considered to be a hermaphrodite, who has both the features of male and female of the human species.

Tarot Meditations And Questions For Capricorn

As you meditate by observing the card and mulling over its images, become a part of it. Imagine yourself as one of its images or characters. Ask yourself:

How do you feel and think?
What do you wish to ask the other characters in the card?
What are their expectations from you?
How does the story of the card relate to your life?

Play out the story as if you were in a reverie. Record your observations for future tarot reference.