Cancer - Chariot, Moon, Queen Of Cups

With the commencement of Summer Solstice on June 22, the sun journeys through Cancer for a month. This sign is related to tarot's Chariot and is ruled by the Moon. The moon is related to the tarot's High Priestess card. All these (moon, chariot, and high priestess) contribute to the water element. Thus, cancer is a water sign. Water symbolizes human emotions, maternal caring, inner awakening, nurturing, and empathy.

Chariot in major arcana in upright position denotes a journey, perseverance, turmoil, adversity, a hasty decision, and vengeance. In reverse, it means defeat, last minute loss, and annihilation.

Moon in major arcana in upright position denotes disillusion, danger, disgrace, deception, double-dealing, mistake, and trickery. In reverse, it suggests exploiting someone, petty errors, and catching deception before the damage.

Queen of Cups in minor arcana in upright position means a good wife or caring mother, gentle, good nature, one's imagination has an edge over common sense. In reverse, it means hyper-active imagination, happiness turning bitter, and wickedness.

The Chariot Card

Socrates has associated Chariot to the soul of human. The Chariot card denotes a young warrior in a chariot, which is drawn by a pair of sphinxes. One of them is black; the other is white. It symbolizes the split that's present in the human personality - the black and white sides. The black is dark and wicked while the white is noble. Thus, it indicates our journey through life, along with inner conflicts of the good and bad sides of the human soul.

Tarot Questions For Cancer

When Chariot card is drawn in tarot reading, you must ask:

Are you in the driver's seat in life?

What are your inner conflicts that are making your life's journey tough?

Is your loyalty divided equally between parental relations and the new relations in your life?

Are you in control of your life or are things going against your will?