Aries - Emperor, King Of Wands

Aries is a fire sign and is ruled by the planet Mars, which is the Greek War God - Ares. This zodiac sign, when the sun journeys through Aries from March 20 to April 19, is assigned to the tarot's emperor trump.

The fire suit of wands or rods in Tarot implies new birth during spring. It denotes the daily life scenes associated with ambition, enterprise, challenge, enthusiasm, and competition.

Tarot Meanings

The Emperor in major arcana in upright position means confidence, achievement, richness, leadership, capability, stability, and father/brother/husband. In reverse, it means indecisiveness, immaturity, weakness, and petty emotions.

The King of Wands in minor arcana in upright position means noble, passionate, a gentleman, fatherly figure, and a good leader. In reverse, it means severity, strictness, prejudice, intolerance, and quarrels.

The Emperor And The Tower Cards

Number 4 is the Emperor card. It denotes a mature ruler sitting on the throne and holding his scepter, which contains figures of rams. This card harbors the following references:

  • Greek Zeus, King of the gods
  • Sun god Amon-Re
  • Jason, who retrieves his throne by defeating the Golden Fleece and capturing it
  • Jesus, who has risen from the dead on the day of Easter Sunday in order to rule a spiritual empire

Number 16 is the tower trump card. It is also known as the tower struck by lightning. Zeus (Jupiter) was fond of using lightning bolts to punish his enemies. This card also denotes the Tower of Babel, which symbolizes human arrogance, a trait that drew punishment from the Bible's deity. The tower's phallic nature and the annihilation shown on the card are related to the Mars planet - the Greek war god Ares.

Tarot Meditations And Questions

The best time to meditate on the emperor and tower cards and the suit of wands is during the transition of the sun through Aries.

Ask these questions:

Have you behaved arrogantly lately to attract the wrath of gods upon you? Have you become a mature emperor of your life and used your enterprise? Which facets of your life need a new birth?