Aquarius - Star, King Of Swords

The sun enters the air sign Aquarius on January 20. This sign is linked to tarot's Star trump. Aquarius is typically ruled by Planet Saturn that is related to tarot's World card. Its modern ruler is Planet Uranus that is linked to tarot's first card, the Fool.

The Star in major arcana in upright position means optimism, inspiration, faith, hope, insight, pleasure, balance, and spiritual love. In reverse, it means shattered dreams, unfulfilled hopes, bad luck, imbalance, and disappointment.

The King of Swords in minor arcana in upright position means a wise counselor, a judge, a strong commander, and a firm but overcautious friend. In reverse, it means a stubborn person, unfair judgment or decision, and wicked intentions.

The Fool And The Star Cards

Number 0 is the Fool card, the initial one in major arcana. The card denotes a young man standing at the border of a precipice, looking above the heaven. His dog yaps at his feet. This card indicates a beginner or neophyte who is ready to begin his spiritual journey.

Number 17 is the Star card. It denotes a naked maiden. Her one foot is on the earth while the other is in the water. She is holding an upside down jug in each hand. Water is flowing from the jug down to the earth.

Tarot Meditations And Questions For Aquarius

The best time to meditate on each card is when the sun enters Aquarius. You must keenly observe each character of the card and try to relate them to your own life. It would be good if you try to put yourself in the scene of each card. You must contemplate on what each character expects from you.