Interpreting Your Emotions Through The Mount Of Venus

The Mount of Venus is located at the base of the thumb. In palmistry, this space between the wrist and the base of the thumb is associated with that part of the brain which determines the relationships and attraction between humans. Such relationships mainly include emotions of sympathy, sex and love.

According to the basic theories of palmistry, only people with a prominent Mount of Venus are fully capable of understanding, appreciating and enjoying the various happenings that take place around the world. Most people, who have this mount on their palms, are very civilized, strikingly beautiful in appearance and respected by all. In addition, these people are also known for their courage, health and ability to influence others.

If the Mount of Venus is well-developed, it denotes a generous, engaging and warm person who leads a socially active life. A well-developed mount may also indicate an intense attraction to the members of the opposite sex and a fervent love of art, beauty and nature. If the mount features little, criss-crossing lines, it represents a person who can be extremely passionate.

If the Mount of Venus is over-developed, it indicates an awfully greedy person who never seems satisfied with any amount of worldly pleasures. This person may also be an atheist with absolutely no belief in God. Such a person can also be licentious with a never-ending desire for members of the opposite sex. People are readily attracted to this person due to his brilliant nature and handsome looks. However, this person may often suffer from various diseases of the throat.

If the Mount of Venus appears flat or less prominent, it denotes a selfish and cold person with no passion or vitality. It may also indicate a weak and cowardly person who lacks confidence. If the Mount of Venus is absent on the palm, it indicates a person who prefers to lead life as an ascetic. Such a person will have no interest in maintaining familial ties. In addition, the person will have to face lots of hardships and troubles in his life.