The Mount Of Moon - Unleashing Your Imagination

The Mount of Moon is situated at the base of the palm opposite the Mount of Venus. This space is associated with the sixth sense of a person or his powers of imagination. Also known as the Mount of Luna, this mount indicates the degree of imagination, refinement, idealism and romantic nature in a person.

Sometimes, the Mount of Moon may be formed on the left side of the Life line and beneath the space of Neptune where it meets the Life line. The existence of the Mount of Moon on a person's palm makes him emotional, imaginative and a lover of nature.

A well-developed Mount of Moon denotes a compassionate, creative and caring person with an amazing zest for life. Such a person will also be an ardent lover of beauty and nature. A well-developed mount also points to an abundance of imagination that may result in the person living in a dream world. This person may also harbor lots of religious ideas. People like renowned artists, world-class musicians and famous writers often have well-developed mounts of Moon.

A flat or less prominent Mount of Moon represents a sense of empathy and imagination. It refers to a dreamy kind of person who is forever building castles in the air but achieving little or nothing at all. In some cases, a flat mount may also suggest a very emotional kind of person.

If the Mount of Moon is over-developed, it denotes a suspicious or fickle-minded person who may also suffer from mental disturbances. This person may also experience constant headaches.

Now let us see the result of not having a Mount of Moon. A person who does not have this mount is likely to be hard-hearted and purely materialistic. In addition, this person may often get into quarrels with others.

If zig-zag lines are found on the Mount of Moon, it indicates that the person will set off on long travels several times during his life. If a circle-like mark is found on the mount, it denotes travels to foreign countries on political visits.