The Mount Of Mercury - A Reflection Of Your Financial Success

The Mount of Mercury is located at the base of the little finger. This area of the palm is believed to be associated with that part of the brain which determines the financial aspects and degree of eloquence of a person. Although this mount indicates the practical nature and materialistic prosperity of a person and how affluent he would be, many palm-readers do not attach much importance to this mount nowadays.

If the Mount of Mercury is well-developed, it indicates a restless, go-getter personality with an avid interest in travel. This person may also exhibit quick-wittedness and a love for change. An over-developed mount may also denote a fervent interest in scientific techniques and inventions. Although such a person may appear weird to others, he will be an expert in psychology with a special talent in influencing others. This person will also be highly successful in business.

If the Mount of Mercury is over-developed, it indicates a smooth talking person who may also be a flawless liar. Such an over-developed mount may also denote an extremely money-minded person who always seems to be thinking of new ways to make money. In fact, money is so important for this person that his sole aim is just to amass wealth - by hook or crook. Needless to say, such a person may also be cunning, crafty and proficient in cheating.

If the Mount of Mercury appears flat or not so prominent, it denotes a shy or dull person who lacks confidence. If such a mount features a square-shaped mark, it indicates an extremely advanced criminal bend of mind. Such a criminal-minded person will also be notorious for repeatedly breaking the law.

Finally, let us see what it means if the Mount of Mercury is completely absent. An absence of this mount is a very unfortunate sign as it denotes a person who would experience misery all his life and eventually die in poverty.