The Mount Of Jupiter - Revealing Your Power And Ego

The Mount of Jupiter is situated just below the base of the index finger. In palmistry, this area is supposed to be associated with the part of the brain which determines the degree of egoistical tendencies of a person. The formation of this mount speaks volumes about the power, organization, leadership and authority characteristics of a person. The Mount of Jupiter is believed to be a positive symbol that spurs on the person towards a successful life.

A prominent and well-developed Mount of Jupiter is supposed to endow a person with God-like qualities. Such a person attaches great significance to education and self-respect. He does not pale in the face of hardships and is always ready to lend a helping hand. This person also possesses a special talent to change public opinion into his favor.

In addition, a prominent mount indicates an honest, optimistic and enthusiastic person who loves to wield power and control others. Such a person may also be ambitious, sociable and proud of his achievements. The well-developed mount may also signify an honorable and religious person with outstanding leadership qualities. Interestingly, such prominent mounts have often been found on the palms of top officials and judges of high courts.

A flat or under-developed Mount of Jupiter indicates a person with a dull personality and lack of confidence. However, this person is always optimistic, cheerful and kind-hearted. He may also be exceptionally good at delivering lectures. Such a person is more concerned with attaining reputation and respect rather than amassing wealth. This person may also be noted for harboring a soft corner for members of the opposite sex.

If the Mount of Jupiter is over-developed, it denotes a person who is egoistic, arrogant, selfish and proud. A short line on this mount - between the Head line and heart line - indicates accumulation of wealth.

If the Mount of Jupiter is absent in a person's palm, it indicates a lack of self-respect. Such a person may not receive much financial backing from his parents. Moreover, this person is almost always found mingling around with low-class people.