The Mount Of Apollo - Indicating Your Success In Life

The Mount of Apollo is situated at the base of the ring finger, also called as the finger of Apollo. Sometimes, the mount may also begin just above the heart line. Also known as the 'Mount of Sun', this mount indicates a love for the beautiful things in life like nature, art and beauty. The existence of the mount also indicates a creative trait, love of poetry, books and art works. In general, the Mount of Apollo is a good indicator of how successful a person is or would be.

If the Mount of Apollo is well-developed, it indicates a born genius who would scale great heights of success and fame. This is especially true if the mount appears pinkish in color. Such a person may also be optimistic, cheerful, warm and enthusiastic about working as part of a team. Due to their honest nature and practical outlook, they always come across as sincere and pleasant. A well-developed mount also denotes a self-confident, dignified and kind person. People like established artists, renowned musicians and famous painters often have well-developed mounts of Apollo.

If the Mount of Apollo is over-developed, it represents a proud, brash and insensitive person. An over-developed mount may also signify a flatterer who loves to hear his/her voice. Such a person often prefers to make friends with people from the lower sections of society. Due to his extravagant ways and quarrelsome nature, this person may never really enjoy any kind of success in life.

If the Mount of Apollo is flat or not so prominent, it denotes a cynical and cold person with an eye for beauty. The person may also lack appreciation for the finer things in life. Such a person may not turn out to be successful in life.

If the Mount of Apollo is absent on the palm, the person would live and die unknown to the world due to his very ordinary character and very ordinary life. The person may also be a dull-minded, boring and foolish fellow.